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“I love bee-bopping from this task to that to-do without taking time to optimize the way I do business. It’s my favorite.” << said NO successful biz owner, EVER.

Arc Creative

1:1 Support:

for photographers

Applications are open now-December 31!

Running a service-based business isn’t
for the faint of heart.

  • On Monday, you hustle to make peanut butter toast for your kids (no crust, please) before plopping down at your desk. On deck? Figuring out how to market the aspects of your business that, frankly, just seem mundane to you -- unlike your product-based biz friends, you can’t fill your little squares on Instagram with shiny new launches.

  • On Tuesday, after scrambling to return the stack of library books before they’re overdue, you steal away for a moment -- in between photoshoots or content creation -- to brainstorm ideas for crafting a cared-for client experience that doesn’t feel surface-level but also doesn’t break the bank.

  • And the hours in between? You’re tossing metaphorical balls up in the air -- this one’s labeled motherhood, another says bills to pay, and still more read soccer game snacks, business ideas, and self-care -- hoping that while you’re tending to one, the others don’t fall to the ground and crash to pieces.

You know that there’s gotta be a better way to do business, but the idea of letting someone inside your world -- and spending time away from your family and your clients to optimize all. the. things. in your business -- leaves you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

And it’s only Wednesday.

Here’s the good news: you CAN cultivate a thriving service-based business, and you DON’T have to drop everything you’re already doing to achieve it.

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— Haley from the montgomerys photo + film

"The biggest thing I took away from my coaching experience with Arc Creative Co was that success sometimes looks like delegating. I don’t HAVE to do everything.

Coaching taught me that being busy does not equate to success. Success in a small business looks like stability, it looks like freedom to make my own schedule, and it looks like only taking on projects that I’m a good match for.

I had no system in place for outsourcing before coaching. I was a one woman show trying to wear a dozen different hats. Coaching also set up a workflow for me that I didn’t have before."

what you get:

One (1), 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls per month, held on Zoom, to work on every detail of your business, from time management and marketing your business to creating workflows and systems and adding value to your service offerings.

Unlimited Voxer access during the week to ask Amanda anything about your business.

Three (3) trainings, (once per month) held on Zoom, from guest experts on topics that will propel your business forward.

A Three-Month, Value-Packed 1:1 Coaching Experience

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Part 4

This round of Arc Creative Coaching officially kicks off on January 1, 2023. You can bet I’ll show up to our first call with SO much excitement because I’m SO excited to work with you!

The Arc Creative Coaching Process:

Let's do this!

Part 1 

Interested in Arc Creative Coaching? WOOHOO, I can’t wait to connect with you! Click the “Apply Now” button below to inquire.

Part 2 

After receiving your inquiry and doing my best happy dance, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me get to know your business inside and out.

Part 3 

We’ll schedule a complimentary coaching call, held on Zoom, to make sure that we’re a great fit together. Expect me to gush about how talented you are!

Is Arc Creative Coaching Right for My Business?

I’ve built two successful businesses from the ground up. I spent my first five years in business as a wedding and portrait photographer. I was making six figures, but I missed my baby’s first steps and nearly every one of my oldest son’s soccer games. That freaking SUCKED.

Fast-forward to about three years into that business, when I was given the opportunity to take over the marketing and brand photography for a local coffee shop (a total DREAAAAM). It took a lot of learning, a lot of growing, and a lot of trial and error, but photographing coffee gave me the confidence to step away from weddings and move into brand photography. And I’ve never looked back.

What This Means for YOU: I know how to build successful, sustainable businesses, and I can teach you how to do it, too.

I have a heart for serving female entrepreneurs. After working exclusively with personal brands, brick-and-mortar businesses, and product-based businesses to capture authentic images (and video!) that are true to their brand identity, I’ve figured out the secret sauce inside my heart: I want to create space and lift up other women entrepreneurs and show them that they can make it, that they don’t have to choose between motherhood and business, that they can truly do it all, that they were made for this right here.

What This Means for YOU: I’m a homeschooling mama of two and a business owner, and if I can do it, so can you.

I know what it takes to make your brand stand out. My very first recommendation to someone who asks for advice on building their brand is to infuse their personality into their brand! Show your face on your Instagram feed, show the personality behind your brand, and know that even though this may bring about some discomfort, here’s the thing: your audience needs to know that they can trust you before they buy into whatever you’re selling or saying. And showing your face? That’s an absolute trust builder.

What This Means for YOU: Today’s consumer wants to know WHO they are spending their hard-earned money on - who is behind the pretty website, the oodles of service offerings, the perfectly composed Instagram caption - and I can help you stand out authentically.

Hey there! I’m Amanda! Most mornings, I make my chemex, finish homeschool lessons whilst in sweats and a messy bun (the mom uniform amiright?), and chase after my two boys, our pup Rigby, and 11 chickens. After an epic, end-of-the-day dance party to our favorite Elvis record (“Hound Dog” is on repeat in our house lately!), when the kids are in bed, you’ll find me curled up watching Grey’s, 911, or basically any medical show (anything to take me outta my brain for a sec).

But in between? That’s when I serve business owners like YOU - the ones out there shedding the boring blazer coat in favor of showing up as they TRULY are. The biz owners who would rather chase after their dreams (and their kiddos, let’s be real) than chase after ‘Likes’ on social media by constantly hustling. I count myself lucky to pour into small business owners, from make-up artists and podcasters to fitness coaches and local shop owners, by capturing authentic-to-them images (and counting my Jesus-filled blessings as I do).

The way you build and market your business CAN capture your magic while kicking the hustle to the side, friend. I can’t wait to work with you!

Meet Amanda

Mama of two, brand photographer, mentor, studio owner, and constantly in pursuit of slower living while building businesses 

Questions and Answers

When does the program begin and end?

Arc Creative Coaching kicks off on January 1, 2023, and will end on March 31, 2023.

is there a way to do a payment plan?

$2,100 pay-in-full
$700 per month for three (3) months

I’m just getting started in my business - would this be a good fit for me?

This program is best suited for someone who is coachable, is willing to make changes or try something new, and is eager to pursue business ownership as a sustainable career!

 I can’t quite swing this level of an investment right now. Do you offer one-time coaching opportunities?

 Yes! Schedule a Coffee Chat with me to spend an hour together, 1:1, to define your ideal client, develop strategies to connect with them on social media, and fine-tune your pricing structure. Coffee Chat attendees will receive a detailed strategy plan via email and one week of Voxer access! Coffee Chats start at $350.

Ready to start?

I can't wait to meet you!

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